Office Address:
Parola Fort San Pedro St., Iloilo City, Philippines 5000
Tel. No. (063)(033) 337-35-49
FAX 336-42-21
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Location Diagram:

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Location Map:

DA6 Facilities

1. Regional Soils Lab. Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City
2. Regional Feed Lab. Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City
3. Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
4. Plant Quarantine Office Parola, Iloilo City
5. Animal Quarantine Office Parola, Iloilo City
6. WESVIARC, Jaro, Iloilo City
    Regional Crop Protection Center
    Seed Quality Control Laboratory
7. ROS Sta. Barbara, Iloilo (DA-BPI)
8. Iloilo Breeding Station Calinog, Iloilo

Bacolod/Negros Occ.
1. DA6 Bacolod City Office
2. DA6 Plant Quarantine Office
2. La Carlota City Stock Farm
3. Himamaylan Breeding Station Neg. Occ.  

1. RIARC for Hillyland Sigma, Capiz
2. ADP Astorga Dumarao, Capiz.

1. Tigmanali Cattle Farm Patnongon, Antique
2. Patnongon Breeding Station Patnongon, Antique
3. Jordan Breeding Station Jordan, Guimaras



The Department of Agriculture is the principal agency of the Philippine Government responsible for the
promotion of agricultural development and growth through increased productivity.


To help & empower the farming & fishing communities & the private sector to produce enough, accessible &
affordable food for every Filipino and a descent income for all.


A modernized smallholder agriculture and fisheries; a diversified rural economy that is dynamic,
technologically advanced & internationally competitive.
Its transformation is guided by the sound practices of social justice, and a strong private sector participation.


  1. Creation of a policy environment conducive to increase incomes in agriculture.
  2. Production, verification and dissemination of information relevant to productivity and development.
  3. Production, testing and dissemination of superior plant and animal germplasm.
  4. Facilitation of market access and the promotion of agro-based enterprises.
  5. Regulation
  6. Implementation of empowerment programs.
  7. Stabilization of supplies and prices of rice and corn.


  1. Production Support Services
    Production support services such as seeds, seedlings, fingerlings, laboratory services, equipment, etc. provided to farmers & fisherfolk.
  2. Market Development Services 
    Market promotion and other market-related activities such as market matching, trade fairs, market dialogues, etc. conducted to serve as venue for market negotiations between producers (farmers/fisherfolk) and buyers.
  3. Credit Facilitation Services
    Loan, insurance, and guarantee facilitated for farmers and fisherfolk through GFIs and other lending institutions.
  4. Irrigation Development Services
    Construction, rehabilitation and management of irrigation systems. (NIS, CIS & SIS)
  5. Other Infra & Post Harvest Development
    Post harvest facilities such as thresher, dryers, shellers, cold storage facilities, cold chain projects, farm-to-market roads, and other infra projects including fish ports, auction markets, etc. provided to farmers, fisherfolks, and LGUs.
  6. Extension Support, Education, and Training Services
    Extension support, education, and training provided to LGUs, farmers, fisherfolk, SCUs, AFCs, and rural-based organizations. Installation of information/data base system on soil, land, & water resources, as well as maps, statistical reports, prices, and knowledge products, and services to make them accessible to farmers, fisherfolk, and LGUs.
  7. Research and Development Services
    New technologies and genetically improved varieties developed and disseminated to farmers, fisherfolk, and LGUs.
  8. Regulatory Services
    Regulatory services such as the issuance of license, import/export permits, certificates of standards and quality control, etc., to clientele.